Denmark Sheepfest


As much as we have enjoyed bringing you this event for 25 years, and with the disruption of Covid, it is with deep regret that we inform you that we will no longer be producing the Sheepfest. Linda Whiting & Dan Eaton

                    Those of you with sheep that need shearing may contact the Maine Sheep Breeders Association.


In the Hall

In 1995 a small flock of five sheep that needed to be shorn of their winter’s growth of wool was the nucleus of an idea. Two spinners invited other small flock owners to bring their sheep to the Denmark Arts Center to use the services of a master shearer.

They set up displays of knitting, felting, yarn, tools for wool processing, and books and magazines and invited the public to come and see the sheep being sheared. It turned out to be a lot of fun for everyone, but no other sheep came that day.

The next year the spinners decided to try it again, invited more spinners, had more displays and active exhibits. This time there were nineteen sheep in attendance and the 2nd Annual Sheepfest was a bright, and noisy, and woolly success. Sheep came from all the neighboring towns with their owners. Fleeces were shorn, skirted, and bagged. The sheep had their “summer haircuts”, had their hooves clipped, and there was a vet on hand to dispense shots and helpful information. 

 Each year there has been something new to see. Some of the spinners have been willing teachers. They have demonstrated spinning a variety of fibers like bear hair, wolf hair, mohair, Angora from rabbits, and wool in many colors from different breeds of sheep. Visitors come each year from greater distances to visit the sheep and lambs, see the shearing, the colorful and educational displays, and to learn all about raising sheep and processing wool. The Friends of the Soldiers Memorial Library in Hiram has provided a wonderful hot lunch as a fund-raiser. In 2000, our sixth year, eighty-five sheep and two Angora goats were shorn. 

The Sheepfest continued to grow each year and was always a fun day for everyone.

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