Denmark Sheepfest

                    In the Hall

When you first enter the hall of the Denmark Arts Center you will receive a friendly 'hello' from the greeter at the front desk who collects the small admission fee. She can direct you to the food area, tell you where to find the rest room, or sell you a Sheepfest bag or apron. She can also point out where to find different ongoing demonstrations or how to find a certain vendor.  With a smile she'll send you on your way to discover lots of wonderful things that can be done with Fiber!



You'll find an area devoted to Used Equipment where you can purchase fiber tools in good shape for a good price. You might find a spinning wheel or some weaving shuttles, a yarn winder ,extra  bobbins for your wheel or a lazy kate. Just ask - someone will know how to use it and be happy to show you.


Each year finds something new to see at the Sheepfest. What you notice first is all the color! Second is all the smiling, happy faces. This is a place where the mantle of winter is thrown off, where you can dispel that 'cabin fever' and immerse yourself in color, fiber, and activity. At each booth you will find some kind of demonstration of a fiber art.







You'll find people spinning on a variety of wheels and drop spindles. Want to give it a try?

                            Melenie Spinning         Spinning Angora Outside

Everywhere you look you'll find lots of color, and fiber being used in different ways to produce hats, scarves, mittens, slippers, toys and more. How many different ways can you think of for using fiber? It doesn't have to be just wool! Today there are fibers made from corn and soy and bamboo. These are not animal, or protein, fibers. Fiber can come from plants, too.

                   Kelly's Weaving

How do you change the natural color of fiber? This can be done using plant dyes or acid dyes and there is no limit to the number of colors that can be achieved. Fiber can be dyed 'in the fleece', as yarn, or in roving or batts. It can be dyed in a pot, hand 'painted', or dipped. And it is fun!

           Lucy's Yarn                                       

Then you can take those beautiful fibers and make felt. You can get right into it with wet felting or work very precisely using felting needles.


So whether you are coming to the Sheepfest to have your annual trim and to meet your friends or to have a new experience ~ you want to come early and stay all day.


There is something for everyone, whatever your age. Come and be surprised. Bring the whole family!



Be patient. Your turn will come, and while you wait....    



We may even let you get in on the fun!